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Landing Pages Managment Landing Pages Managment - (PDF Format) English 17/09/2019
Partner Site Description Partner Site Description - (PDF Format) English 13/05/2019
Billing, Enrollment & LMS Tables High Level Data and Database Structure Overview - (PDF Format) English 10/04/2019
Infogram Design Infogram Start University- (PDF Format) English 21/03/2019
Partner Site Implementation Document Design Description of the Partner Site - (PDF Format) English 13/03/2019
Revisions Template Example Template to Request Changes - (PDF Format) English 13/03/2019
Data Structure High Level Data and Database Structure Overview - (PDF Format) English 13/03/2019
Events Management (ITS) Issue Tracking System Description - (PDF Format) English 13/03/2019
Process and Data Process Requirement Definitions, Settings and Implementation, Integration and Training - (PDF Format) English 13/03/2019
Start University Brochure
( PPSX Version)
Start University Brochure - (Power Point Format) English 08/03/2019
Start University Brochure
( PDF Version)
Start University Brochure - (PDF Format) English 08/03/2019
Testing Protocol

Applications and Admission Requests

English 10/12/2018